Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's Finally Here!!!

Just A Step Away is LIVE on Amazon!!!

Run on over and get your copy today for only $2.99!

And to get your curiosity flowing, here's a little excerpt!



“I’m taking Sparky.”
And there you have it. Silence. Well, for half a second.
“Oh my god! Are you finally fucking that hot piece of man sirloin?” Deena pressed her palms together, making praying hands. “Please, for the love of everything that is fucking indecent and sinful, please tell me that you have finally had your va-jay-jay munched on. Please. Because, believe me, if that fine ass man isn’t eating pussy pie a la mode, I will cut a bitch.”
“Have you taken your meds today?”
“Fuck you.” Deena pointed her finger at me. “Tell me what’s going on between you and Mr. I-Will-Fuck-You-Silly-Until-The-Sun-Comes-Up.”
I had two choices. One, lie to her and give her what she wanted to hear, knowing it would get her off of my back. Or two, tell her the truth, and continue to hear her bitch and whine for the umpteenth time. I’ve never lied to her, ever, so that could pose a whole lot of different issues.
“Nothing’s going on, Dee. He offered to go. That’s all. End of story.”
The corners of Deena’s lips slowly curled into a devious smile and that meant only one thing: the wheels in her head were turning. Any other time I had seen that same look on her face, she was either plotting something foul, or she was getting ready to fuck some unsuspecting guy into oblivion. Ropes, whips, and the whole nine yards.
Yes, Deena was a freaky one.
“You, my dear friend,” she placed her hands on my shoulders, “are finally going to get those cobwebs cleaned out of your fur burger. I am so damn proud.”
“Can you be anymore disgusting? Fur burger?”

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