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Just A Step Away Blog Tour {Spotlight} with Offbeat Vagabond

Just A Step Away Blog Tour {Spotlight}


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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fight For My Heart (Fighting Hearts #1) {Cover Reveal and Giveaway}

Title: Fight For My Heart (Fighting Hearts #1)
Author: T.S. Dooley
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Expected Release Date: 12.15.13

Cover Reveal...


After being hurt in the worst way, Taleah Bryant tries to move on with her life. Shes in college has a new best friend and is avoiding her twin brother and ex-boyfriend at all costs.
On move in day Taleah goes to a fight with her roommate and meets the most intriguing pair of hazel eyes she's ever seen.

Vin has always been a play boy. Fight, sex, and not caring has always been routine. Before his fight he finally sees the girl that will change his world.

Family tears them apart, a mistake brings them together, and girlfriends sabotage their love.

Who can be trusted? Whose to blame? And will love ever be enough?

Due to mature content 18 & over!***



Prize: 1 Ebook Copy of Fight For My Heart and 2 $10 Amazon giftcards


Melissa's Fate-A Novella {Cover Reveal and Giveaway}

Title: Melissa’s Fate
Author: Kristin Elyon
Genre: Erotic Romance
Expected Release Date: 12.10.13

Cover Reveal...


Life was quite predictable for Melissa Clayton, she had a good job, a loving boyfriend and everything seemed to have fallen in place for her. However when a family emergency arises, she leaves Texas for a while, engaging in a long distance relationship with her lover. When she returns things are not the same. 

Heartbroken she moves back to California vowing to never love again. But life can be unpredictable. A blind date with a handsome young designer, proves to be just the beginning of something beautiful for the emotionally scarred Melissa. Perhaps everything she’d been through was meant to bring her to this point. 

Could this be her fate? Could David Whitmore be the ONE?

Author Bio:

During the day I work as a senior portrait photographer and a graphic designer. I'm also a college student who loves zombies, vampires, and werewolves. Anything supernatural I am drawn to along with Starbucks frapes! I spend my free time watching The Vampire Diaries and True Blood.




Prize: 1 Ebook Copy of Melissa’s Fate


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Promo Tour Stop for Into The Storm {Promo Post}

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Title: Into The Storm
Author: Melanie Moreland
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Expected Release Date: November 25th 2013


For longer than he can remember, reclusive writer, Joshua Bennett has been trapped in a prison of his own
making by the memories of his past. Traumatized and isolated, he's spent his days living a quiet, lonely
existence, his only companion his dog, Bear.

Pain and Solitude are all he knows, what he's accepted to be his life, until one dark night, one huge storm,
and one ice patch change his course forever.

When he finds an unconscious woman at his doorstep, Joshua Bennet has no choice but to bring the
woman into his home and away from the dangerous elements that threaten to claim her life.

A stranger to herself and the man watching her, the woman has no memory, no identification, and no idea
how she got there.

Trapped by the storm and isolated from the outside world, they both learn what it means to trust and love,
slowly letting each other in and breaking down barriers.

Can they heal each other completely before the outside world threatens to shatter the fragile peace of their
newly discovered love, and tears them apart?

Author Biography

Melanie Moreland lives a happy and content life in a quiet area of Ontario with her husband and fur children. Nothing means more to her than her friends and family, and she cherishes every moment spent with them.

Known as the quiet one with the big laugh, Melanie works for the sporting teams of a local university. Her (box) office job, while demanding, is rewarding as she cheers on her team to victory.

While seriously addicted to coffee, and somewhat challenged with all things computer-related and technical, she relishes baking, cooking, and trying new recipes for people to sample. She loves to throw dinner parties and socialize, and also enjoys travelling, here and abroad, but finds coming home is always the best part of any trip.

Melanie delights in writing a good romance story with some bumps along the way, but is a true believer in happily ever after. When her head isn’t buried in a book, it is bent over a keyboard, furiously typing away as her characters dictate their creative storylines to her even more inspired tales, for all to enjoy.

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Marking Her #1 {Marked Series} Cover Reveal And Giveaway

Marking Her #1 {Marked Series} Cover Reveal And Giveaway!!!

Presented by MaE Book Tours

Marking Her #1 {Marked Series}
Elena M. Reyes

Title: Marking Her #1 (Marked Series)
Author: Elena M. Reyes
Genre: Erotica/ Contemporary Romance
Expected Release Date: December 17, 2013


Talan wants to mark Maya—with more than his ink. The owner of a prominent tattoo shop, he’s used to being hit on by easy women. Though “easy” is not a word associated with Maya when she comes in to support her friend. Flirtation ensues, but what will it take to break the painted man.


Elena M. Reyes


Elena M. Reyes was born and raised in Miami Florida. She is the epitome of a Floridian and if she could live in her beloved flip-flops, she would.

As a small child, she was always intrigued with all forms of art—whether it was dancing to island rhythms, or painting with any medium she could get her hands on. Her first taste of writing came to her during her fifth grade year when her class was prompted to participate in the D. A. R. E. Program and write an essay on what they’d learned.

Her passion for reading over the years has amassed her with hours of pleasure. It wasn't until she stumbled upon fanfiction that her thirst to write overtook her world. She now resides in Central Florida with her husband and son, spending all her down time letting her creativity flow and letting her characters grow.

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2 Ebook Copies of Marking Her 
1 $2.99 Amazon Giftcard!!!

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Cover & Excerpt Reveal with Wild About Bones (Cover Reveals)

Just  A Step Away has been featured on Wild About Bones (Cover Reveals) Blog!

Click HERE to check out them out and read the excerpt!
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WildAboutBones Presents Cover Reveals

It's Finally Here!!!

Just A Step Away is LIVE on Amazon!!!

Run on over and get your copy today for only $2.99!

And to get your curiosity flowing, here's a little excerpt!



“I’m taking Sparky.”
And there you have it. Silence. Well, for half a second.
“Oh my god! Are you finally fucking that hot piece of man sirloin?” Deena pressed her palms together, making praying hands. “Please, for the love of everything that is fucking indecent and sinful, please tell me that you have finally had your va-jay-jay munched on. Please. Because, believe me, if that fine ass man isn’t eating pussy pie a la mode, I will cut a bitch.”
“Have you taken your meds today?”
“Fuck you.” Deena pointed her finger at me. “Tell me what’s going on between you and Mr. I-Will-Fuck-You-Silly-Until-The-Sun-Comes-Up.”
I had two choices. One, lie to her and give her what she wanted to hear, knowing it would get her off of my back. Or two, tell her the truth, and continue to hear her bitch and whine for the umpteenth time. I’ve never lied to her, ever, so that could pose a whole lot of different issues.
“Nothing’s going on, Dee. He offered to go. That’s all. End of story.”
The corners of Deena’s lips slowly curled into a devious smile and that meant only one thing: the wheels in her head were turning. Any other time I had seen that same look on her face, she was either plotting something foul, or she was getting ready to fuck some unsuspecting guy into oblivion. Ropes, whips, and the whole nine yards.
Yes, Deena was a freaky one.
“You, my dear friend,” she placed her hands on my shoulders, “are finally going to get those cobwebs cleaned out of your fur burger. I am so damn proud.”
“Can you be anymore disgusting? Fur burger?”

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{Blog Tour Spotlight and Excerpt with Island Lovelies Book Club}

Hey everyone!

So I'm kind of on the late train getting this posting up, but better late than never!

A big thank you goes out to Island Lovelies Book Club for showcasing Just A Step Away on their blog! Please stop on over and check them out!

Friday, November 15, 2013

{Blog Tour Spotlight and Excerpt with Alii's Book Jungle}

On today's blog stop, Alli's Book Jungle posted an amazing spotlight post for Just A Step Away! The entire post made me giggle!

Anywho, if you'd like to check it out, you can find it here!

Oh, yeah! And there's also another excerpt that has not been unleashed yet. So if you want to read it, head on over an visit Alli's Book Jungle!

{Just A Step Away Excerpt}

Okay, lovelies, here it is! Please give a warm welcome to Lanie's brother, Willard! And if you all are accustomed to my goofy sense of humor, this little bitty will not phase you in the least....::smiles sweetly::

Onward we go!


I had no idea what I did to deserve this shit. It was a fucking tuna sandwich, for crying out loud!

“I don’t think I can walk any further. Seriously. I think I need a tree.” The last thing I would’ve ever saw myself doing was squatting near a tree. Even as a child when my family would go camping, we’d always end up at a spot where there were restrooms. “Nope. Can’t make it.”

“Chill out, Hoss, we’re almost there.”

There was nothing ahead of us but a stall. It sure as hell didn’t look like a fucking restroom. 

“There, where?” I said, voice strained.

I heard Willard chuckle and I seriously wanted to strangle the beefy fucker within an inch of his life.

“Welcome to Willard’s Crapper!”

My eyes flew open as wide as they could go. Was he fucking serious? I stood in front of the wood box and cringed when I got a whiff of the foulest odor I’d ever smelled.

“It’s an outhouse, Hoss. My outhouse, so treat her nice.” Willard’s face lit up when he spoke of the thing as an actual person. He was no doubt proud. “I built her myself.”

I looked at the box and then back at Willard. “You want me to go in that? In that smelly thing? Are you fucking insane? What’s wrong with the one inside the house?”

“Broken,” he said, a half grin pulling at the side of his mouth. “Don’t flush.”

Sweat doubled on my forehead as I stood regarding Willard’s crappy outhouse. But when my stomach gurgled as though it was in agony, I made the executive decision to trust the large oaf. Trying not to move too much, I reached for the slender handle and pulled it open. 

As soon as I did, I regretted it.

“Holy shit!”

“That about sums it up.” Willard smiled at me and lifted his brows. He waved his hand toward the outhouse. “To shit or be shitted on. That is the question.”

I swore that I was going to knock that smirk right off of the idiot’s face. But first, I needed to go.

Holding my breath, I slipped through the door and closed it behind me. I tried not to look around at my surroundings but it was like a bad train wreck. You know you shouldn’t look, but you do. 

I looked around. The place was surprisingly clean, considering what it was and where it was located. I almost face palmed myself when I searched around for toilet seat covers. Finally, realizing that it was now or never and that I couldn’t hold it any longer, I sat down and handled my business. I was only in there for half a second when I heard the other side of the door lock.

What the fuck?

“Hello? Dude, you out there? Hello?” I started to panic, sitting there on the wooden throne. “Dude!”

“You and me need to do some talkin’, Hoss.”

Oh, fuck.

“Well, whatever you need to talk to me about I think can wait, don’t you?” Could this guy be any more of a dip shit? “Besides, I kind of doubt that we have much to discuss.”

“My sister, Hoss.” Fuck. “I know that girl didn’t have a boyfriend last week when I talked to her, so how did she happen to stumble on to your ass so quick? You one of those perverts that patrols the internet, looking for some poor chick to take advantage of?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I was still on the pot trying to concentrate when Willard continued talking out of his ass.

“Look, Hossy Hoss, you can’t fool me, ‘cause I’m kind of smart. So, let’s have it.”

And this just kept getting better and better. “Did you just say that you’re kinda smart? You know, that isn’t really something that one should ever admit.”

A fist laid into the door, and I momentarily jumped, ass lifting from the toilet seat.

“Do not toy with me, Hoss! If you don’t get to explainin’ what’s going on, I will leave you in this shit box. And if you think it gets any cooler in the evening, you’ve got another thing coming. This place will smell to high Heaven come six o’clock.”


And now that I've hit your funny bone, don't forget to add it to your TBR lists, lovelies! November 20th is right around the corner!

Just A Step Away on Goodreads!