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Lilith Davies never thought that her life might one day be threatened by out-and-out dullness. Nor did she realize what she would end up having to do to rekindle the excitement lost. 

A short, steamy, erotic story, that is sure to have you questioning how far you will go to find what you’ve been missing.

Warning: This novella contains explicit adult content, sexual situations, and language.

Reviews for Shiver...

"Just finished this book and I only have one word to describe it: HOT! short , sweet, and sexy as hell. Great read for a good price!!" 
Lisa Bilbrey via Goodreads


I don't want to say too much as it will spoil it for others. This is a short story that is well written. There are a couple of errors, but nothing that interferes with the enjoyment of the tale.
I liked the way the story was laid out, the author takes the story one way, but then surprises us with the result. It's really hot and sexy, and I was impressed with the detail that was packed in for a short read. I would definitely read more by this author." 
Linda Sims via Goodreads

"This is a quickie at just about 25 pages and a quarter of the way in the action starts. The sex is graphic, the plot is thin, but the HEA at the end makes it worthwhile. I must commend the author and editor, it is well written and edited for a self-published work, and I was pleasantly surprised. If you want a wham-bam-thank-you-mam type read to get your motor running than this is a good read to get sucked into."
Charity via Goodreads

"Rating 3.5 stars. 

This author knows how to write a hot scene!! Really enjoyed it however I would have LOVED this story if it had a different ending. I'm not a fan of the twist at the end and would have preferred it if it was kept more mysterious and forbidden. 

Otherwise I really did enjoy the writing style."
Divalish Smile via Goodreads

"REALLY short and REALLY hot!! Was truly surprised by the actual connection between Lilly and Marcus!"
Ann Archer via Goodreads

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